It's Just Lunch
Newport, RI
The Vanquish 26’ Center Console is the result of a wonderful collaboration with the owner of Vanquish Boats, Morgan Huntley and his team of craftsmen in Rhode Island. After meeting Morgan at the Newport Boat show and seeing the Vanquish 24’ Center Console, a handful of sketches were provided to describe the goals: stretch the hull from their current design by two feet, split the seating into a dual console allowing the ability to close down the cockpit from the elements and convert the boat from an inboard to an outboard, freeing up more deck space for everyone. Aside from these more structural issues, the design introduced a number of luxury oriented details including refrigeration, mahogany trim and transom, metallic paint, bow thrusters and automatic windlass. Monthly visits to the factory allowed for design discussions with everyone who touched the boat through production – from the first hull mold to the final lettering of ‘It’s Just Lunch’.
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