190 Fowler
This 11,000 square foot, waterfront house sits on three acres with adjacency to a large wetlands reserve. The site features views towards Jule Pond, Sayre Pond, and the Atlantic Ocean. The house is oriented on the site in such a way that captures all three view corridors. FEMA flood zone regulations lift the house to create a dynamic relationship between the ground plane and the main living spaces above.

Conceptually, the design explores an array of interlocking volumes that open up to the water. The house pushes and pulls to create a series of outdoor spaces intertwined with the main living spaces. A level of privacy is created alongside the street and side yard by limiting the fenestration on these two elevations.

A soft meandering path guides one along an angled masonry wall to the entry to the house. The angled wall torques vertically, incorporating the fireplace, defining the separation between the entry foyer and the living room.

The dining room and adjacent double height living space share a 45 foot telescoping glass wall that opens to the outdoor living area and trellised outdoor dining room, creating one large unified space in which the line is blurred between the interior of the house and the resort style rear yard. The focus on outdoor living is further enhanced with secluded seating areas that are remote from the main living zones. The pool, which is nestled within these outdoor living spaces, stretches from the terrace to create a three sided infinity edge that reaches towards the pond and the ocean in the distance.

The program for the house includes seven bedrooms, a theatre, home office and gym. Multiple roof decks encompass the second floor perimeter, creating covered outdoor spaces below. Along the perimeter of the terraces, are a series of “green roofs” that allow the house to blend in with the native vegetation of the wetland site.
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