Downs Path
Southampton, NY
The owners of this house live outside the United States and hired BMA a few days before returning to their full time residence. Almost all of the design effort with these highly involved clients has occurred without the luxury of face to face meetings.

The design investigates the interpretation of traditional forms. Two gable roofed structures form an ‘L’ that cradles a flat roofed, glass box. Interior spaces within the ‘L’ are more defined as rooms with windows that are classically proportioned and regularly spaced. The program within the glass box resembles a more modern open plan with window walls that open up the house to the rear and side yards. Exterior walls are primarily stucco with minimal amounts of trim. In essence, while the primary forms are ‘traditional’, the detailing is crisp and clean.

This strategy is explored with the interior architecture as well. The language of crown, door and base moldings is incorporated throughout the house. Yet, the execution of these traditional trim items is translated into a pared down version which further emphasizes the hybrid concept.

Primarily used as a summer retreat, the project also incorporates a series of resort style outdoor living spaces for sun, shade, dining and the occasional nap in a cluster of hammocks.
Photography by: DANIEL GONZALEZ